Lootboxes - Extra Credits vs Jim Sterling

Extra Credits posted a video this week about their take on the whole lootbox controversy and whether lootboxes should even exist in video games. I found their view to be a lot more closely aligned with my own, while also acknowledging the counter points brought up by notable gaming commentator Jim Sterling. While we discussed the lootbox controversy in some depth in our own podcasts here on MMOs.com I found both of these videos (below) informative and interesting. I encourage anyone with a strong position on the lootbox controversy to at least listen to the opposing viewpoint with a open mind.

Critical of lootboxes: Jim Sterling

Less critical and open to lootboxes: Extra Credits

I'm curious where everyone stands on this issue. As I said earlier, my position is more closely aligned with Extra Credits than Jim Sterling, but I recognize that Jim has some valid points. Some monetization systems are obviously designed to take advantage of players when they're feeling most vulnerable. So what's your take?

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