The Weekly Raid: What Are You Most Excited For From E3 2017

E3, perhaps the best known video gaming conference took place this week June 13-15. While the event was dominated by the big three console, there was something for everyone.

What are you most excited for from this year's E3. Is it the new $499 Xbox One X? How about Bethesda's paid mod platform Creation Club? For me its twofold. First, the fact that Black Desert Online is coming to XBox. I don't even own an Xbox, I just want to see how one of the best looking PC MMORPGs will run on a console.

More importantly, I'm still a sucker for old RTS Remastered Editions. I bought Age of Empires 2 Remastered on Steam right away despite the lag issues. I'm hyped for Starcraft Remastered, and now I can't wait for the just announced remake of the original Age of Empires titled Age of Empires Definitive Edition:

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.