The Weekly Raid: How Important Is Co-op For You?

This week we were blown away by the success of Fortnite, a game 6 years in the making. Despite announcing it will be free to play when it officially launches in 2018, the co-op third person shooter/tower defense title has managed to sell over 500,000 copies at a cool $39.99 minimum Early Access price in its first 24 hours.

Part of this success, I feel, is due to the co-op nature of the game. I'm always scouring Steam for co-op games to play since they allow me to play with a wider group of friends than traditional competitive or MMORPG style games. Given Fortnite's success, I hope more studios are motivated to develop similar titles.

With that said, how important is co-op to you? This doesn't just apply to games like Fortnite, but to cooperative elements in MMOs, MMORPGs, etc. Take for example the endless wave of zombies mode in many shooters today. They allow players to work together in an otherwise competitive-only game. MMORPGs too vary in the degree they offer cooperative gameplay. Earlier titles almost required players to group due to the the strengths/weaknesses of each individual class. Most MMORPGs today can be played entirely solo with the exception of end game dungeons/raids.

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