The Weekly Raid: How Important Is Co-op For You?

This week we were blown away by the success of Fortnite, a game 6 years in the making. Despite announcing it will be free to play when it officially launches in 2018, the co-op third person shooter/tower defense title has managed to sell over 500,000 copies at a cool $39.99 minimum Early Access price in its first 24 hours.

Part of this success, I feel, is due to the co-op nature of the game. I'm always scouring Steam for co-op games to play since they allow me to play with a wider group of friends than traditional competitive or MMORPG style games. Given Fortnite's success, I hope more studios are motivated to develop similar titles.

With that said, how important is co-op to you? This doesn't just apply to games like Fortnite, but to cooperative elements in MMOs, MMORPGs, etc. Take for example the endless wave of zombies mode in many shooters today. They allow players to work together in an otherwise competitive-only game. MMORPGs too vary in the degree they offer cooperative gameplay. Earlier titles almost required players to group due to the the strengths/weaknesses of each individual class. Most MMORPGs today can be played entirely solo with the exception of end game dungeons/raids.

Share your thoughts with us below!

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  • Valkyrain

    it is important so I can show off.

  • ivan_

    Most of my PvE co-op experiences have been dealing with bad players, or waiting ridiculously long for LFG to find decent players. Some co-op content should be doable solo, at an equal speed (if not faster) than co-op.

    PvP is different, generally players are more competitive and know what they are doing (at least the games I play) and MMR stabilises nicely over time. Sure there is a bit more toxicity, but I'd rather take a bit of verbal abuse (and report them after the game) that than outright carrying nice and friendly PUGs through a PvE dungeon.

  • Augosyx

    Co-op is important because of communication. Having actual friends to help you is a definite plus because PUGs tend to do things their way and most of the time not bothered to listen to reason most of the time. Hence why most games have what they term as static team be it PvE or PvP. Communication is always key to co-op.

  • I love when MMOs let you do some co-op experiences early on. Running some dungeons with my buddies on Bless was hella fun because it wasn't super late game and we could do it pretty shortly after playing. I think PUBG does incredibly well too because of its co-op experience. More games need to emphasize co-op

  • EazyMakaveli

    I love the leveling in vanilla WoW. Theres this hatred for the opposing faction and a strange compulsion to pvp at every opportunity. This is the co-op i enjoy. When people form raids in general chat to go camp the opposing faction. another example is when people group as 5 to kill 1 quest mob so they all get the quest since its a long respawn time and members of the opposing faction are running around.

    What i dont like about coop is when the game rewards geared players for doing low level stuff. so you end up just following a guy who just 1 shots everything until the end of the dungeon and u just leech for exp and loot. examples of this are warframe, black desert online, path of exile in some cases.

    However, the 1 thing that makes co-op enjoyable is hard content. easy content makes coop a fucking waste of time and games that force coop to do easy shit are doing it wrong.

  • TianlanSha

    Co-op is not important for me, but I like it when FPS games have it. I like both PvP and PvE and like to jump grom one mode to the other, because having just PvP or just PvE will definitely alienate some players.