The Weekly Raid: When Were You Last Hyped For A MMORPG?

With so many promising MMORPGs in the pipeline, its easy to go through cycles of hype and indifference towards various projects. Whether its a game still in development or an existing game releasing a new patch or expansion, we want to know when the last time you felt hyped for a MMORPG.

We've highlighted the fact that games like Star Citizen already have voluntary monthly subscriptions, conventions, thriving forums, clan activity, and so forth. Its not difficult to imagine a new user being drawn to the project several years ago, spending hours per day researching the game, discussing it on various forums, buying ships, trading those ships, attending global meet-up events for years before finally burning out -- all before the game is even released!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have classic titles like World of Warcraft and RuneScape still on a very active development cycle. Each WoW expansion seems to draw in millions of players who had previous stated they were done with the game. The release of Classic servers for WoW should have the same effect it has had for RuneScape, namely the return of millions of players.

For others, its the launch of a new private server that brings back the hype. Unlike other classic MMORPGs, MapleStory has thus far refused to offer a classic server. That has forced many users to turn to private servers for that pre-Big Bang experience.

Let us know the last time you were hyped for a MMORPG!

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