The Weekly Raid: Is Lineage Eternal Cursed?

This week saw yet another delay for NCSoft's ambitious cross-platform MMORPG Lineage Eternal.

First announced at G-Star 2011, Lineage Eternal promised mobile and PC cross play. We saw screenshots, trailers, and even a Korean closed beta since then. Nowit seems the whole project is now up in the air.

NCSoft has decided to scrap the current engine Lineage Eternal was using, the Guild Wars engine and switch to Unreal Engine 4. That's a major move that likely means significant reworking entire sections from scratch.

Lineage Eternal's woes are reminiscent of another Korean MMORPG, Bless Online. Unlike Lineage Eternal, Bless actually got to see the light of day, but quickly withered. The Korean version merged down to a single server, the Russian version was closed down, and the Western publisher abandoned the project. Despite the string of defeats, Neowiz doubled down and has stated they are working on a Rebuilt version of the game.

Even if Lineage Eternal manages to straight out all their development issues, their main gimmick is hardly as innovative today as it was in 2011 when it was first announced. Cross play between mobile and PC is being done by games like Albion Online, RuneScape, and many other projects currently in development. There are even rumors that NCSoft is ditching the PC version all together and converting Lineage Eternal into an entirely mobile MMORPG.

So the question is, are you still hyped for Lineage Eternal? Is the project cursed, or is there hope it will one day see the light of day, even if it is only as a mobile MMORPG?

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  • Zariarn

    Choo Choo....the hype train has left the station.

    • Indeed. The hype was like YEARS ago. By the time this launches a lot of that early hype would have faded 🙁

      • TianlanSha

        The thing with hyped games is that they get an initial flood of players, then they all leave and they usually make up of at least 80% of the population at launch and then people start calling the game "dead" because the hyped players played for 5 minutes and went back to Tumblr.

        I don't care about this game, never did, but when it launches, I will try it, and thanks to the hype being over the population will be more stable. Which will be healthy for the game IMO.

  • Despite the delays i'm still looking forward to trying this. I hope it's not a flop and lives up to at least some of the hype. If they can pull off mobile / pc multi platform play well it could be a game changer

  • EazyMakaveli

    cross-platform is fucking stupid. it just limits what you can do because you have to design ur game with the shitter platform in mind, instantly making ur game garbage on PC.