The Weekly Raid: MMORPG Launch Day Woes

You would think after decades of experience, MMORPG launches would go off without a hitch. Not so.

Friday, June 16 2017 saw the Early Access launch of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood and with it a host of headaches. Long queue times, frequent disconnects, and even secondary queues for those who did manage to get in and wanted to enter certain instances.

Today (June 20th) marks the official release date of Stormblood and while many of the issues are no longer at critical levels, there are still queue times to contend with.

Final Fantasy isn't alone here. Black Desert Online has been dealing with constant complaints regarding its servers since its launch back in 2016. The Steam launch at the end of May 2017 only made the issue worse. The superior server technology in BDO meant there weren't quite as many issues, but as a heavily PvP focused game it did suffer from unacceptable levels of rubbing banding.

It has almost become a rite of passage for players to suffer through the same MMORPG launch day headaches over and over again. I recall the exactly same frustrations with World of Warcraft way back in 2004.

Share your MMORPG launch woes below!

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