The Weekly Raid: Would You Play A Mobile MMORPG?

There's been a lot of mobile MMORPG news this week. Albion Online launched Monday (July 17), Nexon Korea revealed Mabinogi Mobile, and Jagex announced cross-platform mobile versions of both Oldschool and current RuneScape in the works.

I've played and been modestly impressed by several mobile games over the years, namely Clash Royale, Cookie Run, and Pokemon Go. But none of these are MMORPGs. In fact, I still can't imagine myself playing a full fledged MMORPG on my smartphone. But this may just be the year of the mobile MMORPG. We've got both old (RuneScape) and new (Albion Online) games coming out. Both offer crossplatform play with their PC versions so its a great way to dip your toes in the mobile waters.

With that said, do you play mobile MMORPGs? Are you against the idea, or are you just waiting for the right game? Are you interested in any of the mobile MMORPGs currently released, or those that are currently under development? Let us know in the comments section below!

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.

  • For me it needs less auto play and more actual MMORPG elements. I'm hoping Albion or Lineage Eternal do it for me.

    • darkfyra

      Lineage PC not's Lineage Revolution and even if it's still not in the Canadian app store(wonder why) I seen in a video that it's the same as everything else.

  • Nick

    I can see myself playing mobile MMORPG's but only casually. It would have to be a hell of a game to pull me from my main MMORPG I play on my PC, which is where the main draw is which are all of my friends. I have casually played a few mobile MMORPG's on and off maybe when I'm bored of sitting at my PC or when I'm outside and sat down like on a bus or train.

    I feel auto play should be optional choice by the player to use, but turned off once said player reaches X level. To give them time to let the game run it's intro course teach you the basics and slowly take off the training wheels.

  • Augosyx

    Totally no. One good thing about is that it's mobile, you can play literally everywhere provided you have a wifi connection. Bad side to this is battery life. Not gonna waste my phone's lifespan for an MMO. It's a great idea but... having MMOs on mobile doesn't make it sensible in a way.

  • EazyMakaveli

    mobile is fucking garbage gtfo with that shit boi.

    mobile = streamlining. mmos are already fucking streamlined bruh they are all too easy, you can get to max level super fast and with ur eyes closed. there almost never is a point in mmos today where you actually have to think about what u are doing until you are super late game like already 100+ hours in and at that point im already done with the game it sucks.

    not only that mobile is shit and mmos are already streamlined, mobile eats up talent and time and money that could be spent on making GOOD mmorpgs.

    today's mmorpgs is like looking through the window at the clouds and you kinda space out then you look back at ur screen and there ur max level.

    The point is its impossible to make good, immersive and fun mmorpgs on mobile. its all a waste of time and i say muthafuck mobile games.

    • What about PC MMORPGs with mobile clients? Upcoming Runescape mobile client / Albion / Lineage Eternal for example?

      • EazyMakaveli

        ye thats cool. what im against is streamlining in order to make it work for mobile cuz then you end up with a shitty mobile game that you play on PC so its the same shit as just a mobile game.

        Mobile should NEVER take something away from PC like "no bro we cant add all this cool shit on PC cuz they wont be able to use it with their fat thumbs on mobile" nah fuck that

        • darkfyra

          Why do they always assume we are fat....seriously I'm not at all

  • Titi Macel

    I might give them a try when the mobile devices "evolve" a little. Right now mobile games suck a lot of battery and heat up your phone.
    Another problem is that most are different games. I don't want to split my gaming time between 2 mmos (1 is already too much), games like albion resolved that by making it cross platform, but not everyone is playing albion.

  • CastleMerde

    It'll have to be something amazing that isn't available on PC..
    Main concerns are battery life and stable internet connection.
    Other concerns are small screen, limited controls, and my big fucking hands hurting.

    It could be interesting having a laptop-like phone, or a peripheral, with the keyboard being like a Steam controller.. I think. Sounds like a 3DS..

  • TianlanSha

    It has to be a very well made game for a mobile device. Meaning:

    - it's not 3D or at least doesn't require you to use an on-screen emulated controller
    - it's not a dynamic PC port to a mobile
    - it's made in such a way that the small touch screen of the mobile device actually helps you control the game better than if you have a mouse and keyboard or a regular controller

    so far no such games exist.

    They are all garbage games that steal your attention for 30 minutes and then you uninstall them and find the next one, which, ironically, is the exact same thing.

    So short answer NO, I won't play mobile MMO games, because none are worthy of any self-respecting gamer's time.

    • I agree with a lot of your points but to dismiss anyone who plays them as non self respecting is a bit harsh. I play a mobile MOBA called Strike of Kings. Pretty fun. MMO wise i don't play anything yet regularly though. Some of the asynchronous hero collectors are big but not my cup of tea.

      • TianlanSha

        I don't find the mobile experience to be as complete as the desktop one. I always thought that others felt the same way too. It's stemming from this simple dialog:

        A: I'm a gamer!
        B: What games do you play?
        A: Candy Crush and Angry Birds!

        I had no intentions for insulting anyone.

        • ivan_

          it's semantics. it's been widely known now that there are a lot of girls who play video games ( based on stats alone you would expect lots of girls on traditionally male-dominated games like battlefield and starcraft, but in reality most of the girls represented in the gamer statistics are playing mobile and more casual games (mostly Nintendo stuff). And that's my point: gamer statistics generally wont discriminate between who is a hardcore or a casual gamer, they are all gamers in stats, mobile or not.

          so, maybe don't be such an elitist?

          • TianlanSha

            OK, I will rephrase this:

            Those mobile games aren't really games, because most of them require little to no interaction. It's filled with idle games lately, there are those Candy Crush Jewel type of games where you can use your head to solve things, but at one point intellectual abilities become less viable and wallet thickness more viable.

            There are a handful of mobile games that I've found interesting, namely book games (if you choose to fart in the king's face turn to page 372 king of games) and there are a few real RPGs, but very few, they are also berried under a lot of casual trash.

            It's not me that's elitist, I'm being realistic, it's everything that has it's standard dropped to a new low.

            PS posting articles from the biased PC SJW The Guardian is not the best idea to back up your argument. :/

          • ivan_

            re: "PC SJW" The Guardian, the bias is irrelevant because I was pointing out the stats in the study referenced. My point re: that article was in response to your comment about how candy crush players disregard PC games/gamers as too intense/hardcore. so you're not an elitist, but you generalise all games of a subgenre (mobile MMOs) as bad, and anyone who plays them as having poor taste? you're entitled to your opinion but don't put down opinions of an entire demographic (which either already is or will be bigger than the PC gamer demographic) that is clearly underrepresented on this site as an attempt to strengthen your point.

            a reminder: casual p2w trash MMOs, which are really what you and I are both salty about were and still are rampant on PC, but recently mobile has overtaken PC for blatant cash-grabs. farmville-esque games started on PC and became popular through PC. nexon is basically all PC. Many p2w MMOs today are PC-exclusive, complete with auto-pathing and "p2convenience" items. So really I don't know what you're on about re: mobile games not really being games, as we have the same trash on both platforms.

            and don't call everyone pussies for not speaking up their mind, then go ahead and "close" the discussion... by all means stop discussing if you want but others may disagree with both of us or the discussion gets modded, but the discussion should be free to continue until then

    • darkfyra

      Would have say Adventure Quest 3D...but well it is a PC it don't count

  • Nerfme

    Every mobile MMO i ever played was a clunky streamlined auto-play piece of ass solely made for the cash grab, also the controls on mobile are a clusterfuck most of the time and i dont really like it. I would only play a mobile MMO if it revolutionises the MMO mobile genre or if its a well done simple controls non streamlined mobile mmo.

  • Kreznix

    I played Lineage Revolution downloading an apk and got into the Korea servers, the game doesn't look bad but as a big fan of lineage 2 this game is kinda boring, idk, i just prefer the pc version, i don't like mmorpgs on mobile overall, it's really uncomfortable to play.

  • Zariarn

    Whenever you've been playing games with huge amounts of depth and replay value like ESO, GW2, LOTRO, and RIFT, I don't see any reason to play any mobile MMORPG. Especially since I also tend to switch to others from time to time. Mobile MMORPGs offer nothing worth putting time into playing.