Burstfire: Alpha Coming Soon

Nacho Games has revealed that their upcoming Hardcore "One Life Only" Buy To Play FPS, Burstfire, will be entering alpha stages soon.  The game has been revealed to be a tactical shooter that only allows a player to have one death, making tactics and strategy a much more important part of the game.   The game will also feature a [...]

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Burstfire is a 3D tactical shooter focused on competitive 5v5 gameplay with one team attacking and the other defending. The game bills itself as a "slow-paced FPS" with team oriented gameplay. The developers uses the term "slow-paced" to indicate the game's emphasis on strategic well-thought out gameplay, rather than mindless action. Publisher: Free Reign Entertainment Playerbase: TBD Type: Shooter Release Date: 2015 (Estimate) Pros: [...]

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