Bethesda Rolls Out Fallout 76 Hotfix For Unintentionally Reintroduced Bugs

fallout 76 armor grayscale

Seems that Bethesda Softworks has been working overtime since it rolled out the last Fallout 76 patch which got the whole Fallout community riled up when it inadvertently reintroduced previously fixed issues. The studio released a hotfix earlier today which should address some of the major issues that the community has been reporting on Reddit. “We are aware that some [...]

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Fallout 76 Players Find Secret Developer Room

fallout 76 secret dev room

Developer rooms are Easter Eggs traditionally left by developers to reward players with a knack for locating and getting into otherwise inaccessible places. Now, usually you’ll find dev rooms in single player games where it doesn’t really matter whether you find it or not. But, as it turns out, Bethesda's online MMORPG Fallout 76 has a secret dev room stowed [...]

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