MapleStory 2's Skybound Expansion Now Live

The previously announced expansion for MapleStory 2, titled Skybound, is officially live. It introduces a whole host of new content to the game but the most important is the new Soul Binder class (a hybrid mage and healer type class), the new Sky Fortress zone, new Normal Chaos Raids, and the new 1v1 Maple PvP Arena. MapleStory 2 Skybound Expansion [...]

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MapleStory 2 Soon To Get Endgame Revamp Says Nexon America General Manager

maplestory 2 classes

Tweaking, balancing, and re-balancing gear is a seemingly never-ending process for MMORPGs especially for newly released games like MapleStory 2. It’s barely been two months since the game was released in October and players are just starting to reach the endgame and acquire endgame gear. The developers, however, have spotted a few problems with the current endgame system and are [...]

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MapleStory 2 Logs Over 1M Accounts, Damage Scaling Changes Coming In November

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It’s been two weeks since MapleStory 2 launched globally and by all accounts the game is doing really well. Since the game launched on October 10th, players have registered over 1 million accounts and over 2 million characters. To celebrate the milestone, the devs will be extending their Normal Adventure Dungeon Double Loot event for another week. The devs will [...]

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MapleStory 2 Launching October 10, Standalone Battle Royale Mode Available Starting August 22

Nexon announced today that MapleStory 2 will officially be launching on October 10th (founders pack users can begin playing Oct 1) with "pre-season" starting tomorrow on August 22 where players can create characters and reserve names. During pre-season users can also play a standalone version of Mushking Royale, the battle royale mode within MapleStory 2. The battle royale mode also [...]

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