MapleStory 2 Founders Packs On Sale Now

With MapleStory 2's second closed beta starting tomorrow (July 18), Nexon revealed and is finally selling founders packs for the game. Pricing begins at $24.99 for the cheapest package and extends to $99.99 for the priciest. Every pack includes closed beta 2 access, so those that didn't get in can buy their way in. Each pack also includes premium club [...]

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Nexon America Posts New Job For "Localization Coordinator" More Evidence That MapleStory 2 Announcement Coming

Nexon America posted a job for a Localization Coordinator this last week, which further strengthens my theory that MapleStory 2 is set to be announced for a Western release on April 14th, 2018 during the first ever MapleStory fest. We'll have to wait for official confirmation, but the evidence seems to be mounting that a MapleStory 2 announcement in the [...]

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