Veterans Online Is A New F2P Top-Down Shooter Coming This Fall To Steam

veterans online roster banner

Tunisian indie game studio Nuked Cockroach announced their debut title today, a free-to-play top-down PvP action shooter called Veterans Online. The game features cartoony graphics with a strong Metal Slug vibe and promises action-packed 5vs5 arena brawler gameplay with a variety of missions, modes, and maps. “Veterans Online is an online multiplayer action shooter that puts players’ tactical battle skills [...]

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Veterans Online

Veterans Online is a top-down MOBA where players compete as a single-player or as a team in tactical PvP firefights. Master combat mechanics like Headshots and Backstabs, using terrain on various maps to your advantage. Publisher: Nuked Cockroach Playerbase: TBD Type: MOBA Release Date: TBA Pros: +Ranked PvP ladder for solo and team play. +Soldiers can be modified for specific playstyles. +Fast-paced combat with skill/maneuver mechanics. [...]

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