Twin Saga


Twin Saga is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with two warring factions, each worshiping their own goddess deity. Players switch between the game's nine available classes on one character and travel a charming anime-inspired world. Publisher: Aeria Games Playerbase: Medium Type: Anime MMORPG PvP: Duels Release Date: September 1, 2016 (NA/EU) Pros: +Class Switching. +Mobile player housing. +Bright, attractive, anime-inspired visuals. +Great translations. Cons: -Grindy gameplay. -Casual focus. -Feels [...]

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Grand Fantasia


Grand Fantasia is a 3D anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG with bright graphics. Players are immersed in a fantastical world where they are accompanied by Sprites, small creatures that gather resources and produce gear for the player. Publisher: Aeria Games Playerbase: Medium Type: MMORPG Release Date: Dec 1, 2009 (NA/EU) PvP: Duels, Arenas, Sprite Arenas Pros: +Great Sprite system. +Lots of quests. [...]

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