[Ended] 1 Year VyprVPN Premier Account Giveaway ($120 Value) #1 MMO VPN

vypervpn-giveawayThe folks over at VyprVPN have given us 2 VyprVPN 1 Year Premier accounts to give away to our users. VyprVPN is my VPN of choice and one I've personally used to get around IP restrictions. Most recently I used it to play on the Russian version of Bless and the Japanese version of Soul Worker Online (Omer). These accounts normally go for $120/year or $19.99/mo and are the highest tier accounts available from Vypr. While there are a handful of decent VPNs out there for free (think Softether OpenVPN), paid VPNs are much faster and way more reliable. There will be 2 WINNERS! Enter below:

VyperVPN Premier Account (1 Year Paid) Giveaway (#1 MMO VPN. $120 Value)

Giveaway ends December 23, 2016 and drawing will follow shortly afterwards (likely live streamed at the end of a podcast). Even if you don't end up winning, if you want to buy a paid VPN, VyperVPN is the way to go.

A premier account includes 5 Simultaneous Connections, Unlimited Data Usage, and a NAT Firewall. VyprVPN has servers all over North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. They also have servers in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Giveaway has ended - DRAWING will be done LIVE at the end of the MMOs.com Podcast on Tuesday, December 27th.

  • Dan

    Australian federal court has forced isps to block pirate bay and other torrenting websites. 🙁
    This is rather timely.

    • Meatbag

      Pfft, like their pathetic attempts to "block" ever really block anything.
      You just change your DNS server in your protocol settings and done, nobody block anything no more.
      No need for vpns. Lol.

      • Dan

        I'll have to try that then. Thanks!

      • Just changing your DNS doesn't always do the trick, but worth trying first!

        • Meatbag

          Been sitting on a piratebay "block" for years now in eu, all i did is change dns and it worked flawlessly. Doubt Australia can dish anything harder than eu can.

          • You are correct - for a pirate bay block that may work. It also depends on the blocking tech implemented by a country. I know I couldn't get around website blocks while in Turkey, but a VPN worked.

          • Meatbag

            Ah... Turkey.After checking out certain news in the web a
            while back i came to the conclusion that their government has very
            strong control over information, if they can put up an almost perfect
            information blockade then it's a mere snap for them to block a pirate site or two.

  • dashhamid

    thanks for this nice giveaway

  • DRAWING WILL BE DONE LIVE on Tuesday, Dec 27th! 😀 Tune in on Twitch.com/mmosdotcom (4PM PST stream begins. Drawing will be at end)