[Ended] Revelation Online CBT2 Key Giveaway (70 Keys. Just Follow us on Twitch/YT)


We've partnered with My.com to giveaway ~200 beta keys for Revelation Online. We're giving away ~70 through this giveaway page to anyone who follows us on Youtube/Twitch and the remainder will be given away sometime on the MMOs.com podcast on December 20, 2016 at 4PM PST. Remember - those who got into CBT1 are automatically eligible to play during CBT2, so these keys are only needed for people who couldn't get into the first round of beta.

Revelation Online CBT2 Key Giveaway

You need to follow us on both to get the key!

Remember: If we run out of keys here, additional keys (~100) will be given away DURING the MMOs.com Podcast on Tuesday @ 4pm pst, Dec 20 LIVE on Twitch. So tune in then.

Once you get a key redeem it in your PROFILE under the "Redeem a Promo Code" Section of your profile upon logging into your Revelation Online account.

Wish we had more keys to give away, but this is all we got.

Edit: if a code says it's not valid, I'm going to have to blame My.com - a good 1/20 or so codes just don't work for some reason. The codes being given away are copied/pasted from the excel document they sent me, so it's out of my control.

  • Mizu Hamuri

    say u code3 is in use :/

    • Oddly, about 1/10 or 1/15 or so of the keys My.com sent us were invalid/in use. =/ It's out of our control. I did send you an email though with a possible replacement.

  • Bacteria Web

    Guess i missed it.

  • RainXek

    A damn shame, wanted to try it out to see if it's worth buying a founders pack