Waterborne Post-Apocalyptic MMO Age Of Waters Now Accepting Closed Beta Signups

age of water post-apocalyptic mmo official key art

Gaijin Entertainment is now accepting closed beta signups for its upcoming Waterworld-inspired post-apocalyptic survival MMO, Age of Water. Currently in development by Three Whales Studio, the game revolves around customizing boats, building naval bases, and fighting off pirates and scavengers as players traverse and explore a completely flooded version of Earth.

“Age of Water takes place on a water covered Earth. Survivors live on the roofs of high-rise buildings and on the tops of other man-made islands and natural objects. Players freely roam the boundless open sea world in a motorboat or small ship, recruiting new crew members, upgrading equipment and weapons, fighting or trading, completing quests, and uncovering the mysteries of the Age of Water.”

Players will have access to dozens of hull types and hundreds of parts to construct anything from a small dinghy to massive sea vessels. They can also customize their ships with a variety of weapons, armor, and gear to help them survive on the high seas. They can also recruit crew members to help man the weapons and perform other important tasks aboard a ship.

Those interested in living a life on the high seas can sign-up for the closed beta test on the Age of Water official site. Don’t forget to check out the new closed beta trailer below.

Age of Water — Closed Beta Trailer