Age of Wushu Teases Ghostly Blade Expansion

Martial Arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu, has teased footage of their upcoming expansion— Ghostly Blade. Within the world of Ghostly Blade, players can check out the new faction, the Blood Blade Clan which is centered around necromantic powers of blood cultivation. If that's not up your alley you can try the second faction being added to the update— The Ancient Tomb Sect, which features the "Sword of the Heavenly Heart" skillset.

Probably the biggest news coming from the new update are brand new Martial Arts Sets for both clans and all new Dual Flying Skills such as the Light Cloud Step, which allows you to fly through the air with your partner.page1-img9

The update also features new weekly and daily quests as well as the "Age of Wushu Record" events.

You can check out the official teaser website here.