Albion Online Launches Beyond The Veil Ahead Of Schedule To Help With Server Issues

albion online pvp mmorpg beyond the veil griffin art

Portals to The Mists have opened earlier than expected in Albion Online as Sandbox Interactive pushes out Beyond the Veil a day ahead of schedule. The update was supposed to launch tomorrow, November 21st but ended up going live on Sunday afternoon to address server issues in the PvP sandbox MMORPG.

“Today there were some issues with the servers that caused some disconnections when going to certain areas of the game,” Sandbox Interactive wrote on the official forums. “These issues would best be addressed by the server improvements included in the ‘Beyond the Veil’ update that was scheduled to release tomorrow. To best address these issues, we've made the decision to launch the update one day earlier than originally planned.”

Beyond the Veil opens up a mysterious new realm called The Mists that offers new PvE and PvP opportunities for both solo players and duos. The update also adds a new player hub in The Mists called Brecilien along with new Fey armor and Pristine Resources.

In addition to the new content, the update also revamps the Roads of Avalon and introduces various quality-of-life improvements including guild loadouts and upgrades to guild crest creation and the character selection screen.

Albion Online | Beyond The Veil Trailer