Sandbox Interactive Confirms Launch Date For Albion Online’s Beyond The Veil Update

albion online pvp mmorpg beyond the veil griffin art

Sandbox Interactive has announced the launch date for Albion Online’s next major update – Beyond the Veil – which it’s been hyping up over the past few weeks. The update hits the live servers on November 22nd, bringing with it the promised Roads of Avalon revamp, portals to a new instance called The Mists, and the new Brecilien player hub.

“This update takes players into Albion’s strangest, most magical corners, revealing new, mysterious lands to explore and treasures to behold – for single players, groups, and small and large guilds alike,” Sandbox Interactive announced. “First and foremost, this update introduces an entirely new realm to the game: the Mists. Dedicated to solo and duo players, the Mists offer a wide range of PvP and PvE possibilities in a magical, ephemeral setting. With purple-hued landscapes and fantastical creatures, players will feel the thrill of exploring an untouched region without the presence of large groups, with both non-lethal and lethal areas available.”

The Beyond the Veil landing page is now live with in-depth information on the key features coming with the update, including new Fey armor, a new enchantment level, and UI improvements.