Albion Online Continues To Tweak New Content, Adds Player Anonymity In The Mists

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Since Beyond the Veil and its new zone rolled out last month in Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive has been actively working to build on and improve the update’s contents which included various tweaks to the newly-added The Mists zone and its accompanying rewards.

In a new forum post, the studio revealed that it’s got two more patches in the works that will further improve on the new content, The Mists, and the Roads of Avalon, in addition to the patch that went live yesterday.

“Over the past few weeks and continuing on into Patch 2, we’ve been steadily increasing the rewards and tuning the content included in Beyond the Veil,” said the Sandbox. “We’ve added Player Anonymity to conceal the identity of players you encounter in the Mists, we’ve changed the relationship of Mists Rarity and Tier to guarantee that enchanted Mists have an increasingly higher chance to lead to higher Tier zones, and further increased the silver and loot bonuses of the Mists to match that of the Open World.”

The team has also reworked how travelling works to and from the new player city of Brecilien in The Mists so that players don’t feel “trapped” when they get there. Unstable Roads to go back to the open world are now much easier to find and a fast travel option with luggage has been added for those who prefer a quicker way out of the city.

Sandbox Interactive has also begun shifting their focus back to the Roads of Avalon which now sports increased raid zone connectivity to facilitate more fights in addition to better rewards from chest spawns, mob balance adjustments, and increased rewards for randomized dungeons found within the Roads. Patch 3, which is set to arrive in early 2023, will also come with further improvements to the instance.

“Patch 3 will have an even greater focus on the Roads of Avalon as we further improve on this feature to meet the needs of all the different audiences participating in this content,” revealed the devs. “While our original intention was to drive the Roads of Avalon more toward a group focus, studying how the Roads have been played both before and after the update has led us to question this intention.”

“Our new focus will be to improve upon the Roads of Avalon universally in order to improve the experience for all ranges of group sizes (including solo players),” they added. “The first focus of Patch 3 will be to redistribute the content found within the Roads so that all players’ needs are met.”

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