Albion Online Buffs The Mists Rewards And Increases Mob Spawns In The New Zone

albion online pvp mmorpg the mists preview screenshot

While there’s plenty of new stuff to do and new monsters to hunt in Albion Online’s newly-opened The Mists solo and duo zone, it turns out that they aren’t as rewarding as players had hoped. In response to player feedback, Sandbox Interactive has buffed the rewards to be had in the new zone as of the PvP sandbox MMORPG’s latest update.

Players can now expect mobs to respawn twice as fast, significantly more valuable treasure chest rewards, increased Might and Favor gains from helping weakened wisps, more resource charges, and more frequent mythical mob spawns with better loot. Additionally, loot drops are now protected and can only be picked up by the player that killed the mob for a short period of time and the Fame system should now be working as intended.

If you were disappointed by the rewards offered by The Mists, you might want to give the new zone another go. You can check out the full patch notes on the Albion Online official site if you want to dive into the details.