Albion Online Rolls Out Merlyn Update, Check Out The New Trailer

albion online betaThe highly-awaited Merlyn update is now live on Albion Online. The massive update takes the sandbox MMORPG to a whole new level with the introduction of the new Faction system. Players can now choose one of five factions and fight it out for glory, fame, and, of course, unique rewards.

The update also introduces the revamped crafting, refining, and gathering systems, an improved market interface, and more resources.

“In this new update, players will find a plethora of new features, like Faction Warfare, new open-world PvP opportunities, new and unique rewards for faction-based activities, refining and crafting bonuses, a redistribution of resources, a vastly improved user interface for the Marketplace, a new dungeon, and numerous additional improvements. On top of that, a 25% Fame boost applies to all activities until Monday, August 6.”

The update also comes with a brand new trailer. You'll find it right after the break.