Albion Online Performance Issues Due To A New Round Of DDOS Attacks

albion online final beta bannerEver since Albion Online launched in 2017, it’s been the target of a series of nasty Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks that have caused numerous server crashes and performance issues. This was then followed by a ransom demand attempting to extort money from the studio in exchange for stopping the attacks. Sandbox Interactive has since shored up their defenses but are once again being barraged by repeated DDOS attacks this week, presumably by third party gold sellers looking for payback because of the studio’s continued actions against them.

“We recently upgraded Albion's servers and solved an issue with performance of large-scale fights, unfortunately the problems we are dealing with now are a different beast. They are caused by so called DDoS attacks, which started several days ago and which we've been defending against. After some initial problems, we brought up our defenses and successfully defended even against relatively severe attacks. The issues you're experiencing now are the result of an ongoing struggle between our partner's DDoS defense infrastructure and our attackers. For the most part we appear to be winning (the game is up after all), but occasionally something slips through and causes these disruptions.”

Sandbox Interactive is working closely with their hosting partners to fend off the attacks and ultimately put a stop to them. The studio, however, has refused to reveal technical details to avoid giving the attackers a “tactical advantage.” As far as compensation goes, the devs have yet to issue an announcement. We’ll keep you posted.

You can also head over to the Albion Online official forums for more details.