Albion Online ‘Queen’ Update Is Now Live, Premium Price Adjustments To Take Effect Next Week

albion online queen update bannerSandbox Interactive brings a number of big changes to Albion Online with the launch of the Queen update today. Queen is the fantasy MMORPG's “biggest-ever” update and features major changes to the Outlands, the new Hideout System, along with a powerful new faction called the Avalonians.

“This update brings a complete rework of the Outlands continent along with fully revamped open-world territory control. An all-new Hideout system lets guilds place their own bases in the open world, while the Crystal League allows players of all levels to participate in 5v5 battles. This update also introduces a new faction to the game: the Avalonians. Found in Elite Randomized Dungeons, these foes offer incredible rewards to those who can best them. Queen also brings a huge number of quality-of-life improvements to streamline and strengthen numerous aspects of the game.”

Learn more about the “Queen” update in the new update trailer below which includes commentary from the dev team.

Meanwhile, the studio will be adjusting the price of Premium Subscriptions starting Wednesday, January 29th. 30 days of Premium will be increased to $11.95 from $9.95), 3 months to $10.95/month from $8.95/month, 6 months to $9.95/month from $7.95/month, and 12 months to $8.95/month from $6.95/month. “All existing recurring subscriptions, as well as those purchased before January 29 at 10:00 UTC, will continue to auto-renew at the old price,” says Sandbox. Here’s the official explanation behind the price increase:

“Prices for the premium status were originally set in 2015. In the years that have passed since then, general business expenses have increased a lot. More importantly, Albion Online is now a much more polished a feature-rich game than what it was back then or even when it was first released in 2017. We have come a long way since then and are continuing to expand and improve the game with full force and are consistently bringing more people on board to help us with that.

We want to make sure that this growth is well-funded. Our business model is based on the premium status and vanity items and we will keep it that way. Adding any “pay to win” elements to our shop is a big no go for us. Hence, rather than reinventing the wheel, we have decided that adjusting the price of the premium status is the right way to go about this.”

According to Sandbox Interactive, existing recurring subscriptions purchased before January 29th at 10am UTC will auto-renew at the old price so if you’re planning to renew your subscription now might be a good time.

And now, we give you the new Queen update trailer. Happy watching!