Amazon's New World Hits Over 900,000 Concurrent Players

It's starting to look like Amazon finally has a gaming hit on their hands with the successful launch of New World. While we don't know if players will stick around once they hit end game, New World hit 913,634 concurrent players this last weekend and that figure continues to grow. While the future of New World remains unknown, it's easily the biggest MMO launch of the last decade. No other MMORPG launched in recent memory has come close to these figures.

Source: SteamDB

It's obvious the market is desperate for a new MMO to play and time will tell if New World has any staying power, but for now the game is doing remarkably well. I've been playing quite a bit myself and while the core gameplay loop feels repetitive, I find myself being drawn to the game. I currently have a little over 20 hours in New World and am still having fun with it. I do wonder though if there's any real late game in New World besides faction PvP as the game has been radically redesigned late in development from a more hardcore full loot PvP survival game to a more traditional MMO with optional PvP.

New World: Launch Trailer