Indie Multiplayer Sandbox Game ‘Antilia’ Promises In-Depth Building And Customization

antilia multiplayer sandbox fox character crates screenshot

Indie development studio Right Brain Games is currently working on a new multiplayer sandbox game called Antilia that promises a true sandbox experience with very few limitations on what and where you can build structures.

“Antilia features a dynamic structure system with ‘building pads’ which are scattered across Forra and abundant in cities,” touted the studio. “To build or expand a structure a character must first claim or purchase the lot. After purchasing a lot a structure can be built and expanded upon it.”

Players will also have access to a wide variety of customization options for their furry characters and will have the ability to further customize their game experience through community-made mods. Right Brain also promises that it won’t be adding pay-to-win items and that the game will not have premium currency. The studio has also taken a stand against anything remotely related to NFTs and blockchain.

Antilia is currently still in development with no solid release window as of yet but you can check out some of the game’s development highlights in the video below.

Antilia Development Highlights in 2021