Journey To Argus In The World Of Warcraft Test Servers

world of warcraft illidanIt’s only been a few months since the heroes of Azeroth stepped foot on the Broken Shores, and a few weeks since the Tomb of Sargeras opened its gates. The World of Warcraft team, however, will soon be rolling out a new zone, the Legion homeplanet – Argus.

Patch 7.3 is already live on the public test servers where players will get to explore the shattered and hostile environments of Argus. Argus itself is a no-fly zone which will make your mobile base, called the Vindicaar, your best means of getting around the planet.

“One of the first things you’ll encounter to help you navigate the Legion’s home turf is the Vindicaar: a vessel that will serve as your mobile base of operations—and one of your few safe havens—on Argus. Aside from giving you direct access to a number of 7.3’s new features, the Vindicaar will also be your primary method of transport behind enemy lines. Argus is a no-fly zone, similar to the Isle of Thunder, so to help make sure it’s still easy to get around, the Vindicaar will give you access to an extensive network of teleportation hubs (similar to flight paths, but without the travel time).”

The update will mostly be story-driven with the first few chapters of the storyline already available for testing, along with the first of three main zones. The patch will also include new casting animations for Druids, Shamans, Priests, and Mages. Additional content is planned for release in future patches including additional story chapters, cinematics, profession updates, and upgradeable artifcacts, as well as new world quests, dungeons, raids, and a new Invasion Points system.

Meanwhile, the devs have put together a Legion survival guide to help you out which you’ll conveniently find after the jump. You can also drop by the World of Warcraft official forums for more info.