Ashes Of Creation Launches Another Month-Long Crowdfunding Campaign

ashes of creation crowdAfter an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, Ashes of Creation has launched yet another crowd-funding run on their official website. Intrepid Studios’ Summer Crowdfunding campaign will run for 30 days and will end on July 21, 2017.

“Welcome to our Summer Exclusive Crowdfunding Campaign! With the end of our Kickstarter we’ve been hearing from the community that many couldn’t participate due to the payment limitations of Kickstarter. In response to this, we came up with a campaign that benefits both new backers and those from the Kickstarter! This campaign will have new backer goals achievable by previous Kickstarter backers and new backers as they are unlocked.”

According to Creative Director Steven Sharif, the month-long crowdfunding run is an extension of their Kickstarter campaign and that previous Kickstarter backers will continue to earn backer rewards. Pledges start at $25 and run all the way up to $5050 with a number of Backer Goals and rewards along the way. Steven Sharif talks about the campaign in the video below.