Astracraft Is A New Mech-Building PvP Game On Android And iOS

astracraft key art bannerNetEase Games and British indie developer Payload Studios have just released a new mobile mech-building sandbox and combat game called Astracraft. In Astracraft, players construct their own battle mechs and vehicles to battle other players with it.

Your imagination is the limit. Build race cars, combat planes, tanks, walking mechs, or whatever tickles your fancy, equip them with an arsenal of high-tech weapons, then enter arenas where you get to go up against other players’ wacky creations.

“Use your imagination and build the perfect ARMS from your own blueprint. Mechas, fighters, racers...From the ground to the sky, from looks to power. Animals, cartoons, even text...Break through your imagination!

Holographic Decoy, smoke bombs, EMP Generator...devilish techs in a realistic physics engine, for you to experience an epic sci-fi battle! Use your weapons well; decoys, sneak attacks, diplomacy, airland battle. Strike where they least expect!”

Astracraft is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Check out the video below for a preview of all the casual fun and mayhem that the game has to offer.

Astracraft Official Trailer