AVA Reopens Under The En Masse Banner


Alliance of Valiant Arms is back in business, now under publisher En Masse Entertainment's banner. The company has made a number of improvements to AVA, including a graphical update (giving the game a little shine), a new sniper-only game mode, UI improvements, Fortune Stars Season 7, and more.

And anyone who participated in the En Masse AVA closed beta will recieve a special skin for the M67 grenade. Show off your testing commitment by blowing people apart with elan.

Aeria Games shut down their Alliance of Valiant Arms servers on August 16, 2016. En Masse Entertainment then brought their own AVA into open beta on August 25, 2016.

Have you played the resurrected Alliance of Valiant Arms? Has En Masse Entertainment done the game justice?

  • Vlad

    Did they address the pay 2 win mechanics that destroyed the game in the first place? If not, the revival is pointless if you ask me.
    En masse isn't such a greedy publisher, not with Tera at least...

    When released under ijji it was a great game, probably one of my favorite .
    It didn't have that "30 day period" on weapons (still doesn't afaik) and i love it for this. I hate rental weapons in shooters...
    There was no "boxes" with op weapons only for real money...until later when the decline started...

    • PackAsaurasRex

      Perm weapons were added back by Aeria after a huge outrage over removing them. Personally that's when I quit. I never thought AvA was a HUGE pay to win game but it does have some p2w aspects and most likely won't be fixed by En Masse. Sadly this game just has to many problems out side of En Masse control, I roam the website and forums but honestly hacking is still really bad and killing the game. Just waiting for it to die.

    • LAMBDA471

      no, en masse will destroy whatever's left of ava

      • PackAsaurasRex

        It's not En Masse and honestly it wasn't Aeria. It's Red Duck, publisher always seems to take the blame tho

  • LAMBDA471

    to anyone who wants to play AVA, instructions below:

    1. find a time machine
    2. go back to 2009
    3. play AVA under IJJI

    if any of the instructions can't be fulfilled, dont play AVA