Black Desert Online Celebrates 3000 Days Of Global Service With Reward-Filled Events

black desert online 3000 days banner

After celebrating its 8th global anniversary in March, Black Desert Online is now celebrating 3000 days of operation in North America and Europe with a series of events throughout the month of May.

Starting today, PC players can participate in a daily log-in event with 3,000 Cron Stones and 1000% Hot Time XP rewards up for grabs until the end of the month. Pearl Abyss will also be holding several community events over the next two weeks and has slashed 90% off the price of the base edition of the game, bringing it down from $10 to just $1 until further notice.

Additionally, the new Deboreka Ring is now obtainable through the Trials of Erethea endgame challenge for those looking to complete their Deboreka gear sets. “By successfully passing the new ‘Trial of Erethea’, players will be able to loot required materials and even acquire the ring itself,” Pearl Abyss explains. “When the item is enhanced to the max level (PEN), players can enjoy the AP increase +24 and Accuracy +12. Once equipped with all five of the Deboreka accessories, players will see an extra AP +8.

Pearl Abyss also teased an update to the War of the Roses PvP mode and Node Wars revamp with a brand new trailer which you’ll find tucked down below. Enjoy!

Black Desert Online - Official PvP Trailer