Black Desert Online Console Unlocks Four More Succession Classes, Kicks Off Guardian Pre-Creation Event

black desert online guardian keyart bannerPearl Abyss unlocks Succession Skills for four more classes in the latest Black Desert Online update for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Dark Knight, Musa, Witch, and Wizard can now choose to use their original class weapons instead of Awakened ones and still gain access to new spells and abilities comparable to Awakened Skills.

Players who opt to go the Succession route with the above-mention classes and reach level 56 by November 11th will receive an Extra Combat EXP Scroll and an Item Collection Increase Scroll for their efforts.

In addition, console players can now prepare for the arrival of the new axe and shield-wielding Guardian class with the start of the pre-creation event. Players who pre-create a Guardian before her in-game debut on November 4th will be rewarded with the Blessing of Kamasylve, a +8 Inventory Expansion coupon, and a Trainer’s Flute.

You'll find the full patch notes here.