Black Desert Online Has Players Hunting Down Poachers And Launches Guild Attendance Event On Xbox One

black desert online starry nightPoachers pose a serious problem in the real world, apparently Kamasylvia has also been having the same problem ever since the latest Black Desert Online patch rolled in. A poacher will now spawn in various regions around Kamasylvia “moving a suspicious looking box" and it's your job to hunt them down.

Defeating the poacher will reward players with a treasure chest containing Silver and other useful items and gear. Be careful though, these treasures occasionally bite. “Sometimes the poacher’s treasure chest will be possessed by the Black Spirit,” says Kakao Games. “It will start moving and may attack you with a ferocious attack.”

Players can also participate in the Starry Night event which runs from now until May 29th. Collect Moon Shards and Star Shards which can be sold for 100k Silver a piece. They can also be combined to create a Luminous Token valued at 300k Silver.

Meanwhile, Xbox One players will be able to participate in a new Guild Attendance event. The event will run in tandem with the Starry Night event and is open to all medium-sized guilds with more than 30 members. Guild members will simply need to login every day over the next two weeks to claim their rewards.

Players can also look forward to the Underwater Ruins expansion coming to PC on May 22nd. “Players will have to travel by boat and dive into the ocean to enter the two adventuring locations,” teases Kakao. “There are the Protty Cave and the Sycraia Ruins, as well as Sycrid, a brand field new boss in Black Desert Online. Once the location has been reached, players do not have to swim during combat and/or exploration.” You can check out the official expansion trailer below. You can also head over to the Black Desert official site for the full patch notes.