Black Desert Online Rolls Out Mediah Update On The Xbox One

black desert online mediah altinovaIt’s only been a little over a week since Black Desert Online officially launched on the Xbox One but it’s already getting a massive content drop from Pearl Abyss. The studio has just rolled out the Mediah update which introduces new gear, a new region, and a new storyline exclusive to console versions of the game.

“A land forged from the blood of the Lord of Corruption, its arid climate, rocky landscapes, intimidating monsters, and bustling towns, Mediah will immediately give you the feeling that you have ventured far away from home. Mediah sits between the two rival nations of Calpheon and Valencia. During the war between the Western Alliance and Valencia, Mediah acted as a neutral state, trading with both regions. During this time, Mediah flourished, but that prosperity didn’t last long.”

The update also brings with it a new level cap, the new Red Battlefield, along with Kaia gear and Dim Magical armor. Head over to the heart of Mediah, the capital city Altinova, to access and follow the main questline.

Check out the GM notes on Mediah to learn more about the new zone.