Blade And Soul Opens The New Namdo Shrine Dungeon In Its Cursed Legacy Update

blade and soul mmorpg cursed legacy green lit cave

The Blade and Soul ‘Cursed Legacy’ update is now live in the martial arts-inspired MMORPG featuring a new dungeon, new accessories, and several returning events. Headlining the update is the new Namdo Shrine dungeon which follows the events started in last month’s Hall of Trials dungeon.

“Last month, the Elders from the Namdo Clan asked for your help to look for Master Tayjin. After proving yourself worthy in the Hall of Trials, you continue your search by digging deeper into the Nykarri Island’s mysteries. It looks like Chaos activity has transformed this place that is important to the Southern Tiger, but why? Let’s try to find out.”

Cursed Legacy also gives players access to new Starcross tier gloves and necklaces and brings back the Summer Treasure Trove event with a few minor changes. The Hongmoon Boot Camp and Hongsil’s Workshop events have also returned, giving players a chance to earn various rewards until July 6th.

The update also introduces new Gildstones, a new enchantment path for True Upsurge weapons, and new daily and weekly challenges. Details can be found in the full patch notes over at the Blade and Soul official site.