Blade And Soul Celebrates Annual Golden Harvest Festival

blade and soul promise keeperThe annual Blade and Soul Golden Harvest Festival is making a comeback with the release of Update 4.8.2. This means that it’s time yet again to start working to collect those Golden Harvest reward crates.

“It’s time to come together and gather round for a massive feast to celebrate a fruitful harvest and friendship! The annual Golden Harvest Festival returns to the Earthen Realm with a cornucopia of rewards and bountiful feasting on November 7.

Complete Daily Challenge to receive three Golden Harvest Crate reward chests, which must be opened with items from Mushin’s Tower, Outlaw Island, or the Circle of Sundering to receive the corresponding event token used for Transmutation.”

Once you’ve collected the necessary items, you’ll be able to transmute them into a Harvest Feast which might just contain the coveted Thanksgiving Wheel Prize pouch. The Thanksgiving Wheel Prize pouch will give you the chance to spin the Wheel of Fate at Hogshead Hamlet for a chance at nabbing the new Promise Keeper costume set.

Update 4.8.2 also brings with it a number of significant game changes including adjustments to the Blackstone and Silver Scale and Pristine Oil transmutation costs.. Existing Blackstone and Silver fragments will now be “Expired” and can be exchanged for 2 Fragments apiece. Pristine Oils will also be expired and can be exchanged for 5 Gold, 10 Void Fragment, and 1 Sacred Vial each via the Antiques UI.

You can find the full patch notes on the Blade and Soul official site.