Blade And Soul UE4 Upgrade And New Dual Blade Class Now Live

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The highly-awaited Blade and Soul Unreal Engine 4 upgrade is now live, bringing better visuals, network optimization, and a massive performance boost to the 9-year-old martial arts-inspired MMORPG.

Launching alongside the upgrade is the new Dual Blade class for the Jin and Yun races. The newly-added class comes with two specializations, the Way of the Shifting Blades and the Way of the Lotus, with each specialization offering distinctly different playstyles.

“The Way of the Shifting Blades is a high skill-cap specialization, which focuses on switching between the Skyfang, Skyblade, and Fangblade stances. Players must weave stance changes in-between attack rotations – with each stance unlocking several situational abilities. With high combo potentials and high damage output, Way of the Shifting Blades is deadly poetry in motion.

The Way of the Lotus on the other hand, requires players to be precise with resource management. The specialization conjures imagery of a swordfighter under falling lotus blossoms, unleashing a deadly floral flourish. Player attacks build Petals, which unlocks the Primordia effect, which can buff and enhance other combat skills. Being able to effectively stack and trigger Primordia at the right time will be the key to unleashing the combos of this stalwart swordfighter.”

To celebrate the new class and the engine upgrade, the team is giving away free Call to Arms bundles which can be claimed from the Hongmoon Store and is running a two-season Soul Arena event from now until October 6th.

The full upgrade patch notes can be found on the Blade and Soul official site.

Blade & Soul: The Unreal Engine 4 Update is live

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