Blizzard Officially Unveils World Of Warcraft Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End

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Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the next major update for World of Warcraft – Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End. Patch 9.2 will be the last major Shadowlands update and will conclude the expansion’s narrative with the long-awaited encounter with The Jailer himself.

“Zovaal, the eluse Jailer and ruler of the Maw in the Shadowlands, has made his next move—and with it, he threatens to rewrite the rules of reality. In Eternity’s End, you’ll face him, and perhaps save Azeroth and the Shadowlands from a fate worse than death.”

The update will also introduce a new zone called Zereth Mortis, a strange, alien location that defies the rules of physics and all concepts of reality. Zereth Mortis was created by the First Ones, the creators of the Azeroth, the Shadowland, and the realms beyond, and is intended to create different afterlives. Zovaal plans to use this power to remake everything according to his design.

Players will need to team up with Zereth Mortis’ inhabitants to defend it and thwart the Jailer’s plans. They’ll also face off against Anduin in a new raid called the Sepulcher of the First Ones.

“Deep in the Sepulcher of the First Ones lies the key to unlock the Jailer’s plans. Gather the power of the First Ones as you pursue Zovaal into the Sepulcher and fight through his forces—but first, you must face Anduin, and discover a way to resist the Jailer’s terrifying Domination magic.”

Class tier sets will also be returning in Eternity’s End. These new armor sets can be acquired through raids, PvP, or completing Mythic+ dungeons. Each armor set will come with powerful two and four-piece set bonuses that can be used to complement your chosen build.

Stay tuned for more information on Eternity’s End as we move closer to the update’s release. Don’t forget to check out the official developer preview video below and the World of Warcraft official site to learn more about the update.

Eternity’s End – Developer Preview | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands


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