Book Of Travels Heads Into Early Access On August 9

book of travels forest path banner

Might and Delight’s fairy tale book-inspired MMORPG, Book of Travels, is finally heading into early access on August 9. The game’s early access launch will also mark the release of Chapter Zero, a prologue of sorts that sets the stage for future story content.

“Ready your pack, grab your walking stick and step into a world of mystery and legend. Craft a unique character and immerse yourself in the enchanted lands of Braided Shore. Set your own goals and adventure alone or together with Travellers you meet on the road in this serene TMORPG.”

According to the official press release, TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) is a riff on the typical MMO where fewer players share the world, therefore resulting in more “meaningful” connections.

“With fewer players available to meet in the game world, connecting with others will be a very special part of the story experience. You will get a whole world to discover with the potential for intimate, unforgettable encounters with other players along the way.”

Book of Travels is now available for wishlisting on Steam. Check out the trailer below for a quick look at the game’s unique visual and gameplay style.

Book of Travels - Official Release Date Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

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