Book Of Travels Talks About ‘Endeavours’ In Their First-Ever Developer Blog

book of travels endeavours bannerMight and Delight has just published the first-ever Book of Travels dev blog. The article highlights one of the game’s key features called Endeavours.

“Endeavours are special events that require players to help each other and cooperate to solve situations (players of Meadow will recognise traces of obelisks). The amount of players needed, the context, the goal and the rewards all vary greatly from event to event. Starting out, your character represents one ‘slot’ in any endeavour, but as your character develops it might gain the ability to cover two. Some Endeavours can be solved alone, but others will require you to gather a large band of travellers before engaging.”

Endeavours are divided into four types: Physical, Mystical, Mechanical, and Social. Participating in these challenges will reward players with a variety of small in-game boosts or items. A few rare ones might even be the starting point for other adventures.

Might and Delight says that they’ll be testing the feature in the game’s upcoming beta. At this stage, however, it’s still pretty much a work-in-progress and that feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Head over to the Book of Travels Kickstarter page for more details.