BurstFire - New Shooter Announced by Former Hawken staff

As some people are already aware, Hawken's original studio shut down and GamersFirst (k2 Networks) picked up development for the game. Out of the ashes though, comes a new online tactical shooter called BurstFire, which will be buy to play. Burstfire is being developed by Nacho Games, which includes several of the old Hawken developers. The game will feature team based 5v5 gameplay with one side taking on the role of attacker and the other the defender. This sounds a lot like Payload from Team Fortress 2 or the objective based gameplay in Dirty Bomb. Burstfire does aim to differntiate itself from other shooters though, by introducing traps. The defending team can lay down traps before a round begins, and attackers must navigate the map strategically to avoid these pitfalls. Unlike Dirty Bomb though, BurstFire will opt to use a more traditional Combat Arms style weapon system where there won't be any classes, but players can buy any weapon they want in the game's store.


Burstfire will be buy to play and feature customizable character gear and weapon skins. The game's site says "No F2P, No P2W, No Paid DLC, and Free Updates".  Given the buy to play model, it'll be difficult for Burstfire to take away market share from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

BurstFire Features:

  • 5v5 Tactical Gameplay where one team attacks and the other defends
  • One life per round (Like Counter-Strike. Must wait to respawn after death)
  • No classes. Players can buy any weapon they want.
  • In game VOIP for optimal communication.
  • Customizable appearance options, weapon skins, and add-on scopes.

No release date is available yet, but players can sign up for beta. Learn more at the BurstFire official site.