City State Squashes Numerous Bugs In Camelot Unchained, Preps For ‘Tentative’ Weekend Test

camelot unchained knights polearmsCity State Entertainment ended last week with yet another Camelot Unchained End of Week Wrap Up and Q&A session. In the latest wrap up stream, the devs talk about the hard work they’ve been putting into fixing bugs and developing new features for the medieval fantasy MMORPG.

“We’ve had a solid week, once again full of tons of progress. This includes keeping our word to focus on getting a new solid build up for testing! After four productive weeks, there was a lot of work to do to shore up bugs, work on performance, and fix issues from the update to Visual Studio 2019 (which was honestly more daunting than we expected).

This week saw the return of the ever-impressive Cherry Keep scenario, as well as the Dragonfang (Capture Point) scenario over three days of testing!”

This week, the dev team says that they’ll be focusing on “hardening” or “wrapping up the previous three weeks of productive work, and addressing bugs.” With bugs being squashed left and right, the team were able to optimize the NPC server and add in more active NPCs to the Battle for Cherry Keep scenario. This is on top of numerous UI and abilities fixes.

In addition, the devs have also completed the attack, walk, and run animations for the Greatsword animation set. With that done, the animators are now moving on to adding animations for the shortbow, longbow, and Luchorpan race.

City State is also gearing up for a “tentative” weekend test this coming Sunday at 9am PDT. “[. . .] This is a TENTATIVE test, because we have electrical work going on this weekend in our building,” writes the studio. “If everything works out and comes back online Saturday, we’ll be testing on Sunday.”

You’ll find that and more in the full End of Week Wrap Up stream after the break. You can also head over to the Camelot Unchained official site for more info.