Controversial Black Desert Online Patch Adds Mobile Game Like P2W Elements

Did Black Desert Online go full-on mobile game tier pay 2 win? Not yet, but it looks like Pearl Abyss / Kakao Games are definitely inching a bit closer with the most recent patch which added the ability to instantly finish work orders with premium currency (Pearls). Anyone who has played mobile pay 2 win strategy games like Game of War or Mobile Strike should be familiar with the pay to instantly finish a task type system.

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This change isn't considered full on pay 2 win by the BDO community because work orders are limited by resources and this is just a small convenience. The problem is that while this isn't a big deal by itself, when you add it to all the other "small conveniences" things start to look a bit more pay 2 win.

These changes are being discussed in-depth on the r/mmorpg threads Black Desert Goes Full Mobile and Is BDO Officially P2W Now?

  • HNN

    I'm pretty tolerant of p2w setups but instant completion I hate and is a big no no in my book.

    • darkfyra

      I don't like pay2win at all....but this remind me too much of bad "strategy" and "simulation" game on mobile where you have to pay for everything and where you can skip a timer by paying.This is getting disgusting....

  • Venomz

    Especially in a p2p game..................

    • darkfyra

      It's subscriptions needed

  • TianlanSha

    What was the last Asian online game that was not P2W? I think the name was something along the lines of "No Such Game Online"

    • darkfyra

      Why does it stay that way,why does it refuse to change,there should be law banning pay2win practices outright and forcing developers to take players first practice that don't think of us as a wallet on feet.I just want to have fun in a game whatever if it's free or not and don't get blocked in my fun by a paywall,I don't mind cosmetics and other stuff that don't affect the game directly.

  • Yea Right

    Black Desert Online is Pay to Win. In Black Desert they have this repair system which makes it so every time you upgrade a piece of gear, it has a chance of failing. But every fail makes the item lose durability. So once you get to 20 durability out of 100, you have to repair the item in order to upgrade it any further. In order to repair the item you have to use the same piece of gear to smash into your item in order to get 10 durability back. But if you purchase these items called Artisan's Memory, it repairs the durability by 30 instead of 10. So when does this become pay to win? When the gear becomes so hard to find that you can no longer smash together the same pieces of gear in order to repair your items durability. Then you rely on this item called Memory Fragment. This only repairs it by ONE durability per Memory Fragment (and they aren't cheap). But if you go on the item shop and purchase Artisan's Memory's, they repair it by 3 durability per repair (still not great at all, but better than 1). So eventually if you don't want to have the most incredible time sink in history, you are gonna have to invest in Artisan's Memory's. I was playing Black Desert Online, until I discovered my buddy pumps in $30-40 US a week into the game because he's trying to get mega end game, and so he's always needing more Artisan's Memory in order to keep repairing the durability on his gear.

  • mikroman

    Black Desert Arcade. Insert Coin! 😀

  • EazyMakaveli

    BDO is p2w. The value packs, pets, maids, life skill items. They all increase the rate at which you make silver by a HUGE amount and in BDO, silver is everything.

  • darkfyra

    Paywall everywhere and it's impossible to ever go far as a free the BDO case well even buying the game is not enough.