Creature Taming MMORPG Chimerland Officially Launches On PC And Mobile

chimeraland dragon cross-platform monster taming mmorpg banner

Chimeraland, a cross-platform creature-taming and breeding MMORPG from Singapore-based studio Proxima Beta, has officially launched on PC as well as on Android and iOS devices.

Like most creature-taming games, Chimeraland’s core gameplay revolves around catching and evolving creatures of all shapes and sizes that inhabit the game world. True to its name, players will also be able to combine creatures to create unique ones just like a Chimera. The game also comes with the usual array of features you’d expect to find in a modern-day MMORPG, including crafting, trading, and player housing.

To celebrate the game’s launch, the developers are offering rewards for creating a character before January 31st and reaching level 5. Players can also get an EXP boost by jumping aboard a rocket and blasting off into the sky. Additional rewards are also in store for players in the upcoming Snoweve Party event which will be kicking off on January 13th and will run until January 26th.

Event details can be found on the Chimeraland official site. New players can also check out this Beginner’s Guide for various tips and walkthroughs.

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