Dance Your Troubles Away When The MapleStory 2 Guilded Glory Update Comes Out Next Week

maplestory 2 guilded glory bannerWhat’s a better way to settle guild difference than with a dance-off, right? Well, that’s just one of the new things you’ll be able to do when the MapleStory 2 Guilded Glory Update rolls out next week. As you’ve probably guessed from the update title, the upcoming update will focus mainly on guilds and improving their quality of life. Producer LAMBCOOK talks about it in a recently published Producer’s Blog.

“On June 27th, we will be releasing MapleStory 2’s Guilded Glory Update, which will add some long-awaited guild related features, notably the L4 and L5 Guild Raids, and Guild Dance Dance Stop. Internally, we’re referring to this as a “Part 1” update, because while we’re making some changes that we really wanted to bring to Guilds, we are still looking to see if there are any other popular requests we can take into account.”

In addition, the update will also introduce the Blackshard Nexus, a new “hardcore” dungeon that brings the Eye of Lapenta saga to a close. “[. . .] Unlike other Lv. 60 dungeons, the difficulty of Blackshard Nexus is set to be significantly more difficult than “Gear Score Tips” might imply,” writes LAMBCOOK. “Equipping the bare minimum gear score will get your foot in the door, and then repeatedly stomped on as you face the strongest foes you’ve ever come across in MapleStory 2.” Don’t worry, you’ll get not one but two pieces of Ascendant gear for your troubles.

More guild features will be coming in future updates, although LAMBCOOK says that they can’t promise anything just yet. The producer also assures players that they’re also working to improve other aspects of the game. “We expect that we will continue to make rounds of updates after this one in order to improve the parts of MapleStory 2 that exist outside of dungeons. [. . .] We’re actively grooming the list of skill related feedback since the Awakening Expansion to review with our dev team together and see where we can make adjustments. Please do note that the amount of changes we can make may be limited to reflect the other balance changes coming in future expansions.”

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