Dark Era Officially Launches


Following four months in Closed Beta, NGames has officially launched Dark Era via their Game321 portal in downloadable form. Dark Era is one of a growing number of 3D titles available on NGames. In it, players use the Chrono Rift to travel across time, summoning "famous characters" such as Robin Hood and King Arthur. Three classes are available—Assassin, Berserker, and Wizard. Unlike many other games of its kind, the Auto-Play function works even when you are offline.

After making your way to the end of the main storyline, the Soulcrux system is made available. By activating the "five main elements"—earth, fire, gold, water, and wood—you can upgrade your Soulcrux, boosting your character's power in the process. Skills made available by upgrading your Soulcrux include "Protection, Soul Chop, Exorcism, Driving Ghost, Summon God, and God’s Tears."

According to NGames' Marketing Director Tracy Wang, "Dark Era makes history fun with real-life personalities and civilizations." She goes on to say that the Fancy3D-engine powered game "shows off NGames’ production values: incredibly detailed backgrounds, impressive visual effects, fluid animations, and lifelike characters." We've included a trailer below so that you can decide for yourself if these are valid claims.