Demon Seals Enters Open Beta On PC And iOS In China


Remember Demon Seals, NetEase's latest graphically impressive mobile MMORPG? The game entered Open Beta in China on January 6th, at which time the game went live on both PC and iOS. An Android version is on the way, but it is not available yet.

Demon Seals features six classes, each of which can utilize three different styles of combat. Dungeons feature challenging puzzles in addition to combat. Players can fight each other in large-scale combat on 30v30 PvP battlegrounds. A system of "free trade" allows players to trade freely.

You can download Demon Seals now from either the Chinese App Store or the official website. The PC version appears to be slightly region-locked, in that I've seen posts on the official forums from people that have successfully downloaded the client, but I get an "Access Denied" message when I attempt to download it myself. VyprVPN often has issues with tricking websites into thinking that you're from the region that you're connected to and this one is no different; I have had no success with getting around the region lock with VyprVPN. I will, however, be sure to report back once I have a solution. iOS users will simply need a Chinese Apple account in order to download the game.