Demon Seals Launches To Packed Servers And Full Queues


If you don't live in China and don't happen to have seen the past few posts we've made about the game, chances are that you haven't heard of Demon Seals. It's a graphically impressive mobile ARPG from Chinese gaming giant NetEase that boasts 30 zones, some of which have world bosses, and a variety of PvP modes, including open-world PvP and MOBA-like 3v3 and 15v15 PvP, among other features that you can read about in a previous post about the game.

The game launched last night to extraordinary reception. I logged in to be faced with what is perhaps the most terrible message I've ever received from a game in all of my years playing online games: "The server queue is full." I then tried another server, which placed me in a 4000-person queue. Within half an hour of launching, NetEase was seen attempting to bring another server online. I would never have imagined that I would have been waiting in a 4000-person queue to play Demon Seals, but indeed I did.

Those that are interested in playing the game can download the Android version from the official website now. The game requires a NetEase account to log in so, if you don't have one, you will want to follow our guide to setting one up. If you're on iOS, unfortunately, I don't have a way for you to play at this time, as you would have to register a Chinese App Store account with a payment method that is valid in China.

There is a PC version available, but the download is IP blocked and you must use a VPN with a mainland China node to access it—neither Hong Kong nor Taiwan nodes will work. Furthermore, the PC version requires you to log in by scanning a QR code from inside one of the mobile versions, so you will still need an Android device with Demon Seals installed to play the game from outside of China.

We will have a guide to installing and playing the game ready soon. We will also provide an alternate download for the PC version that isn't IP blocked.