Demon Seals To Officially Launch On January 19th With Android Version In Tow


NetEase Games' Demon Seals looks ridiculously impressive for a mobile MMORPG. And what's more, it may very well end up being playable from outside of China. Unfortunately, however, it is not currently playable from outside of China due to the fact that the iOS version requires you to link a payment method that is valid in China to your App Store account in order to download it and the PC version requires you to log in using one of the mobile versions. At present, it's in some sort of iOS-exclusive soft-launch state. With any luck, that will all change on January 19th when the game officially launches and the Android version is released.

As part of the release date announcement, NetEase has provided a rundown of the game's features. There are six classes and 18 different schools of martial arts in total. The large number of schools is said to "allow players to have a free role in training space." There are upwards of 30 zones, some of which feature world bosses. The game will not restrict trade, allowing the economy to flourish through the use of the game's social systems.

Those looking to PvP will find several options for doing so. Players can either take part in large-scale PvP in the open world or MOBA-like 3v3 and 15v15 PvP modes.

The game also boasts a variety of advanced graphical effects. It supposedly features PBR, as well as upwards of 32 differnent changes in scenery, including rain leaving behind "residual water droplets," snow bending branches on trees when it starts building up, players leaving footprints where they walk, and more.

Granted it is possible to play from outside of China, we will have a play guide up as soon as possible after the game launches. We will also provide a mirror for the PC version if the download is still region-locked at launch.

You can find the full announcement here. For more information about Demon Seals, head to the official website.