Destiny’s Sword Downgraded To Graphic Adventure Game, Launches Into Early Access In October

destiny's sword graphic adventure game squad art

Destiny’s Sword, a Kickstarted sci-fi MMO from 2Dogs Games, has apparently just been demoted to a graphic adventure game with no announcement or explanation from the developers or the game’s publisher Bonus Stage.

The good news is that Destiny’s Sword will soon be launching into early access in its new form on October 17th for those who are still interested. The announcement comes in the form of a new trailer which showcases the game’s original promises of a squad management system that will include overseeing their crew’s moods and mental health. The early access launch will mark the start of the game’s first episode, dubbed The Day We Feared.

“Destiny's Sword is an interactive story-based adventure where you are the leader of intergalactic peacekeeper squad on a mission to bring safety to civilians and manage your troopers' wellbeing,” reads the trailer’s description.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on an official explanation about the game’s surprise genre switch since there’s no mention of it on the game’s Kickstarter page and both the developer and publisher’s Discord. The developers supposedly explained the reason for the switch during a livestream earlier this month but it’s still not available on the game’s YouTube channel nor on Twitch.

Destiny' Sword Official Trailer